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      Shengyang New Technology Seminar Held Successfully

           “Meet the customer’s need, share the latest technology of the industry” is the principle that Donghua Machinery has always carried ...

      Donghua Machinery 2016 DMP Concluded Successfully

           The 18th China Dongguan Int’I Mould, Metalworking, Plastics &Packaging Exhibition, which closed on December 2, has achieved remarkable resu...

      Changzhou New Technology Seminar Held Ceremoniously

           With the improvement of economy and technology, the automobile, electronic appliances, food and medical packaging, plastic building materials and oth...

      Tianjin and Zhengzhou New Technology Seminar Ends in a Satisfactory Way

           With the rapid development of society and economy, the new things had emerged in endlessly. The new technology and management mode also had been cons...

      Congratulate Cosmos Machinery for Participating in Chinaplas 2016

              CHINAPLAS 2016 was closed on April 28 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. It achieved remarkable result beyond all expectati...